Car Suspension

Car Suspension Repairs Service

Your car’s suspension is a part of the chassis, or all the systems underneath the body like the frame, steering, and wheels. The suspension system includes all the shocks, struts and ball joints that keep your vehicle balanced on the road.

If you feel your car bouncing excessively over bumps or leaning hard when you’re making a turn, it could be a warning sign about your suspension.

You also don’t want to risk any wear-and-tear on your ball joints, which can cause your car to wander while driving down a straight road.

Car Suspension Maintenance

It’s best that you check your shocks and struts regularly for signs of leakage, or to pay attention for any awkward shifting or leaning while you’re driving.

It’s also recommended that you get your ball joints inspected at least twice a year with the help of a respected mechanic.

Clarke’s Mobile Mechanic provides excellent servicing for the suspension system of any car make or model.

Our mechanics will take good care of your vehicle, including small but vital tasks like lubricating your ball joints and any other suspension components.

We also know how to look for damage to parts like shock absorbers, control arms and brushes, McPherson struts and more.

Having been a local business for over 20 years, Clarke’s Mobile Mechanic knows how to put the most experience to work on your car and to always treat the car owner with fast and friendly service.

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