Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox Repairs Brisbane

Gearboxes, or transmissions, are fairly simple machines. But they can have a variety of issues that require repair. Sometimes these are hard to diagnose, and that’s when you need a true expert.

Diagnosis and repair often takes a matter of minutes, and at times it may take three or four days. Full repair is what’s important, to make certain you have no more issues to deal with any time soon.

Gearbox Problems, and what can be done to fix them?

Simple Adjustments and In-Car Repairs

If your gearbox has any computer controlled components, there’s a chance the issues you’re experiencing may be tied to a faulty sensor or a shorted connection.

If there is no computer control and the shift is too early or too late, an adjustment to the throttle cable could take care of it, or to the vacuum modulator if present.


If you notice red spots on the ground under your car, you should bring it in right away. A visual inspection of the seals and gaskets will help determine if there is a fluid leak, and if a reseal is necessary.


Rebuilds are the service many people seem to dread. The process really is painless. The entire transmission is taken apart, inspected, cleaned and/or replaced as necessary, then put back reassembled.

The cost can at times seem high, especially since repairs are unexpected. But we will always make certain you understand the necessity and do everything we can to make the process easy and affordable.

While you may have your vehicle many years and never run into any of these problems, it may be that you’ll encounter them multiple times.

Be prepared with the knowledge that they can be fixed, and that you can count on true experts to take care of you

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